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Why We Do It

We love what we do and we love getting to do it. A core component of our work is the one-on-one experience we share with all of our clients—to listen to their needs and wishes and to help navigate the specific parameters of each project. The most successful outcome for us is being able to deliver the best realization of our collaborative vision and effort, which may positively impact the lives of a few or of entire communities.

Design + Build :

From the early stages of project consultation to design and materials selection to the final stages of fabrication and installation, we work closely with clientele to ensure their needs are met and the overall vision is realized or exceeded. We believe that excellence in craftsmanship is essential, no matter the aesthetic sensibility. From the initial consultation to final execution and installation, project timelines generally range from 3-12 months.


Project Management + Facilitation :

On a case-by-case basis, Ryan Brewer Studio offers project management services including consultation, planning and design, facilitation (fabrication and installation), project budgeting, and establishing client/vendor communication liaisons, among others. These services often revolve around large and complex projects including spatial and visual overhauls requiring the selection of client-specific materials and the management of specialty craftwork and technical oversight. Specialized, experience-derived strategies are built into multi-phased execution plans to deliver projects on schedule and within budget parameters. These projects are generally highly unique and specific per clients’ end goals and objectives, and focus on building long-term value and equity into physical creations.


Project Fees

After discussing your needs, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate. We are always happy to guide this process and advise on what is needed to best complete the project.


Have a project in mind? Please get in touch and let’s make it happen!